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Target Launch

Welcome to the Target Launch podcast where in each episode you’ll get clear takeaways, tools, tips, and resources to help you successfully launch the next great physical product or service!

Want FREE audio summaries of books in my launch library?

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Want FREE audio summaries of books in my launch library?

Click NOW to get TWO free audiobooks of these launch favs*


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Latest Podcast Episodes

The Common Link About Your Effort and Launching

episode 10

This episode is from a live talk Sharon Brown gave about the effort it takes to launch a physical product or service. She shares the one thing that all great products and services have in common.

Paralyzing Launch Fear


What should you really be afraid of when you launch?  Even small incremental steps are better than nothing at all or better than sitting still when you want to launch a physical product or service.

You Built A Prototype and Now You’re Stuck… Now What?


Congrats! You had a great idea and took the leap to build a prototype but why aren’t sales coming in? why haven’t you connected with customers? In this episode we’ll discuss what happens after you’ve created a prototype without implementing critical launch steps.

My #1 Launch Tip: 5 Tactics You Can Use To Launch 

episode 7

The single best launch tip that will ensure your success and a ranking of five tactics you can use immediately to launch any physical product or service.

The Worst Thing You Can Do If You Want Funding For Your Launch

Episode 8

Why waiting for investor funding can be the worst thing for your launch and the thing holding you back from launching a successful physical product or service.

Have A Successful Launch Even When You’ve Never Launched A Physical Product or Service In That Industry

episode 9

Whether you are launching for the first time or even if you’ve launched before, you still need and want a launch framework because you always have key launch challenges to address and questions to answer such as what’s the best next step?

The Bullet-Proof Launch Plan

episode 4

Here are 7 steps that are proven to give you a bullet-proof launch plan for your physical product or service even if you’ve launched before or you’re just getting started.

Launch Decisions and What You Need to Launch 

episode 5

The biggest problem when launching a product or service, What people get wrong? And key Launch Decisions, and What do you need to launch? 

How Unanswered Questions Limit Your Ability To Successfully Launch

episode 6

How unanswered questions can negatively impact your launch success..

Welcome To the Target Launch Podcast with Sharon Brown


episode 1

Target Launch is not just about any type of launch. We will be talking about getting out of the dream world and taking action to create the next physical product or service.


Use These 5 Steps To Launch a Successful Physical Product, SaaS Product, or Service

episode 2

No product or service can be successful without these 5 steps.  Knowing these core areas where you should focus your attention as an entrepreneur virtually guarantees you will be set up for success.

How Exactly Do You START To Launch a Physical Product or Service?

episode 3

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs face when trying to launch a physical product, SaaS implementation, or service is not knowing where to start. In this episode, we’ll discuss three easy steps you can follow.

Sharon, I’d like launch help on…

I’m listening and I want to hear from you! Click to tell me what you want to hear more about when it comes to launching a physical product or service.